FRP Modular Platforms

Our FRP Modular Platforms have been developed using our tough pultruded square profile tube, in combination with our FRP insert connection fittings to suit. This forms the framework of a walkway platform on which, we attach our FRP walkway grating, resulting in a chemical and corrosion resistant platform. It can be combined with our integral FRP handrail system to suit with the use of our unique 4 way and 5 way fittings. Our FRP Modular Platforms can be supplied as a kit type product that can be assembled on site, or sent to site already assembled.

The FRP insert fittings have been tested to with stand high shear loads. All tube and fittings are VEFR grade.

The FRP Modular Platforms are ideally suitable for step overs or cross overs in chemical bunds, instrument and electrical work station platforms, running over low level pipe work or cable runs, providing a safe, non slip raised platform, complete with handrail.

Easily manufactured on site, with the simplest of tools, just cut the square tubing to suit, coat the insert fitting with resin, slide in the insert fitting and let them set. The grating is then added on and secured. The result is a solid FRP platform walkway structure providing years of long lasting service.

Monaco FRP Modular Platform benefits:

  • Provides cross over access, running over low level pipe work and cable runs.
  • Will take walking traffic load.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant.
  • Easily transferable on site – light weight.
  • Non-slip FRP walkway with our embedded grit top.
  • Integral FRP Handrail.

FRP 3 way bund cross over

Please find below a list of items required to build your own FRP modular platform.

1. 50mm sq tube for post, mid & top rail

Part No. VEFR50ST

2. Mid rail joiners

Part No. VEFR38RT

3. 50mm sq tube ebow insert


4. 50mm sq tube Tee Insert

Part No. VE50STHT

50mm-sq-tube-for-post-mid-top-rail Mid rail joiners 50mm-sq-tube-ebow-insert 50mm-sq-tube-Tee-Insert


5. 50mm sq tube Cross insert

Part No. VE50STHC

6. 50mm sq tube variable comnnector

Part No. VE50STHVC

7. 50mm sq tube 3 way insert

Part No. VEFR50ST3-W

8. 50mm sq tube 4 way insert

Part No. VEVFR50ST4-W

50mm-sq-tube-Cross-insert 50mm-sq-tube-variable-comnnector 50mm sq tube 3 way insert 50mm sq tube 4 way insert


9. 50mm sq tube 5 way insert

Part No. VEFR50ST5-W

10. 50mm Sq Tube end cap

Part No. PG50STEC

11. Kick Plate

Part No. VEFR100KP

50mm sq tube 5 way insert 50mm Sq Tube end cap Kick Plate